Virtual Information

  • Is the 58th Annual Meeting & Expo canceled?
    No, we have decided to transform the Annual Meeting & Expo into a virtual conference. This will offer members the opportunity to network and receive education in a format that protects your safety, health and well-being. For more information, please view our formal announcement from Charles White, President of IAM.

  • How do I register for the Virtual meeting?
    Registration remains accessible through our conference website. Please click HERE.

  • If I booked a hotel, how do I cancel my room?
    If you booked a room at the host hotel, the Manchester Grand Hyatt, you will receive a formal automated email confirming your cancellation within the upcoming days. There is no need to contact the hotel directly. If you do not receive a cancellation email, please contact us at

  • Will I be able to schedule one-to-one meetings with other members?
    Yes. The virtual event platform includes robust scheduling and networking tools that will allow you to schedule more meetings (because you won’t have to look for each other)—and you won’t need to wear a mask!

  • Have you considered time zones for the annual meeting?
    IAM has taken into consideration the multiple time zones. For this reason, IAM has decided to give each attendee 24-hour access to the Swap Card platform. You can schedule meetings at your convenience. Additionally, attendees will have access to knowledge labs, panel discussion, and interviews 30 days after the conference ends. 

  • Can I customize my virtual backgrounds?
    Attendees: Your profile will provide a static picture only. The background in your one-to-one meeting will be whatever you are standing in front of.
    Exhibitors: The background for the exhibit booth will allow you to display your company logo or graphics.

  • What is the benefit of purchasing a roundtable?
    Roundtable: $500

    • The Roundtable remains open for the duration of the conference
    • It is not limited by time slots—You determine when you want to have a meeting and you invite guests at that time
    • You can host up to 50 people at one time, with up to 12 people on screen simultaneously
    • There is a “knock” feature that allows you to accept guests into your roundtable. This is nice in the event a meeting is running over and the next meeting “shows” up early or on-time
    • You can share your screen
    • Chat box feature available
    • Moderator/Host may mute lines
    • Moderator/Host can remove someone from the group


    • Roundtables do not allow you to upload or download documents or videos
    • You will not be able to record the session
    • Attendees cannot break into smaller groups
    • No reporting/analytics
    • It does not come with any registrations
    • All invited guests must be registered for the event.

  • What is the benefit of purchasing an exhibit booth?
    Exhibit booths are flexible, easy to set up, and give you enhanced visibility throughout the Annual Meeting—see the Virtual Prospectus for full details.

Virtual Booth – A more focused funnel of connections

    • Reporting – See it all! Those who clicked on your page, those you had appointments with, your notes and your appointment ratings
    • The Attendees – Low barrier to entry; Low registration fees; No travel related expenses; and No visas! This allows for a wider range of attendees providing companies the opportunity to schedule more meetings.
    • Matchmaking – Bi-directional matchmaking tool will continuously recommend new connections as people register over the next few months allowing you and the attendee to make the RIGHT connections and build more impactful appointments.
    • Build your Meetings – You will have a few weeks to fill up your schedule so that you get the most of your experience and conference dates.
    • ROI – This selective and focused funnel of connections paired with a full schedule will lead to a higher ROI

Restrictions: Expo booths cannot connect to another.

  •  Why should I register multiple employees for a virtual conference?
    There are several benefits to registering multiple people from one company.

    • The registration login can only be used by one person at a time. If your colleague logs in with your credentials, and then you try to login, the system will throw an error message.
    • Multiple registrations will provide your company the opportunity to book more meetings.
    • IAM will provide three to four times the knowledge labs, panel discussions, and various events than the in-person event could provide.
      • Colleagues can attend different tracks of interest throughout the virtual meeting.
      • Not all employees from the same company would want to attend the same track.
      • One employee from a company might be invited to a round table meeting that others may not.

Restrictions: Attendees cannot record their one-to-one meetings

Staff Favorite Features:

  1. It is very easy to set up an exhibit booth. Please contact Katia McKennon to request a demo:
  2. The search-ability is amazing. Simply type in what you are looking for and as long as someone has that word in their profile…boom, there they are. Search words can be names, company, a location, a service, language. You name it.
  3. Making appointments is also easy; find the person, and their availability is at the top of their profile. The system only shows mutually-open time slots. Simply click the time, add a note and wait for the person to accept. The appointment drops into your schedule once the person accepts.
  4. For Silver level exhibitor and up:
    • The analytics will be huge. You even get to see who visited your page.
    • Each level Silver and above gets a roundtable.

IAM is partnering with Swapcard to bring you the most robust virtual meeting platform. Watch the video below for a quick introduction!

Please watch the detailed video below to familiarize yourself on Swap card.

Not sure how to network with existing members virtually? Watch this quick video to show you how:

Looking for a particular company on the virtual platform? Watch this short video on how to locate exhibitors.